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1997-mid-2000: Big Apple Strat – American Standard Strat with 5-way switch (with coil splitting) and Duncan pickups (’59 neck and Pearly Gates + bridge) mid-2000 to mid-2003: American Double Fat Strat – American Series Strat with same electronics and pickups as Big Apple Discussion in 'Stratocaster Discussion Forum' started by wyclif, Dec 3, 2020 at 2:22 AM. High Output Single Coil Sized Humbucker Pickups. Available immediately. These offer more growl when need it most, while a new Treble bleed circuit allows you to maintain the bright, open Strat sound when you turn the volume down too! All ThroBak MXV Strat pickups are 100% made in the USA. Fender American Performer Stratocaster review: Tone. Brands. Fender Ultra Noiseless ST Hot Pickup Set, Stratocaster Noiseless Pickup Set; Resistance: Neck/Middle: 12.3 - 12.9k, Bridge: 21.6 - 22.2k; Farbe: Aged White . $199.99. VINTAGE CHARACTER FOR TODAY'S PLAYER: As Heard on Fender® American Vintage Stratocaster® guitar. £199. Shopping Cart - (£) Total: £0.00. These measurements make a very good starting point for any Strat with standard Strat single-coils: Bridge pickup • Low-E string: 2.5 mm/0.0984" • High-E string: 2.0 mm/0.0787" Middle pickup • Low-E string: 3.0 mm/0.1181" • High-E string: 2.5 mm/0.0984" Neck pickup • Low-E string: 3.5 mm/0.1378" • High-E … The other three are the American Series bridge, which is a modern-day two-pivot bridge; the non-tremolo hardtail bridge; and a locking tremolo, such as the American Deluxe or Floyd Rose® locking tremolos. We applied that same Maximum Vintage approach that made ThroBak the premium P.A.F. JB Jr.™ Strat. The Telecaster (nee Broadcaster) the first commercially available solid body electric guitar was already well established by '54. This item is in stock and can be dispatched immediately. pickup repro maker to create the best vintage Stratocaster replacement pickups possible. Fender Stratocaster USA Deluxe S1 Sunset Metallic 2010. Okay, here are the specs I use to set the heights for each Strat pickup. Quantity. 10 Strat pickups found. Until 1954, Telecaster bridge and neck pickups had slugs that were flush with the top flat, but Fender took a different approach for the Stratocaster. Prewired Loaded Pickguard Alnico V Pickups For Fender Stratocaster Strat. Standard Delivery Times. Numbers: 131,132,133 That's how the Tweed, Blonde, Blackface and Specials Strat series came to be. They come standard in many Fender guitars and are considered the best pickups around. Yosemite™ Strat® Pickup Set. A Strat usually has 3 single-coil pickups and a 5-way selector with 2 tone controls, while a Tele usually has 2 single-coil pickups, a 3-way switch and a single tone control. Why won't Fender fix the alignment of Strat pickups? $41.81. The best part is that you can fix these pickups on your non-fender guitars and reproduce the great sound of an original Fender. Alder body and rosewood neck. Presumably, this was an attempt to achieve better string-to-string balance – or at least appear to be doing so. Available immediately. Fender Strat / Tele 3 Way Selector Switch (Original part) Fender Telecaster 4 Way Mod Selector Switch (Original part) Fender Pickup Selector Switch, 3 Way Toggle Guild/DeArmond; Fender Reverb/Vibrato Foot switch; Switches / Guitar; Transformers; Tonebones; Tuners. Strat players have long struggled with over-bright bridge pickups, prompting aftermarket pickup makers to devise ‘balanced sets’. As these pickups are very affordable they are worth your every penny. Free shipping . Fender Pickups for Custom Shop Fat '60s Stratocaster Guitar #0992265000. Since the Stratocaster is Fender’s sole three-pickup guitar, its pickup switch has an important job to do. After the huge success of the ... meant the guitar was extremely comfortable and the addition of 3 single pickups and a tremolo system allowed even more expression. Pickup Set for Electric Guitar. Note: Modifications to an existing Fender instrument currently under warranty, or service performed on a Fender instrument currently under warranty by any person other than authorized Fender service centers and technicians holding a certificate of warranty service authorization for the period during which the work was performed, will void the instrument warranty. Stock Strat pickups are balanced, but the stock circuit isn’t, as only the neck and middle pickups bleed treble through the tone circuit. Beautiful guitar with N3 noiseless pickups and S1 switching which gives you lots of tonal options. If you’ve ever wanted to hear your favorite Stratocaster bigger, bolder, louder, … Available in other positions. It has a gloss urethane sunset metallic finish - candy apple over orangey/gold, basically. Jason Lollar's Stratocaster guitar pickups were designed for specific customer requests using vintage Fender amps for reference. Availability: In Stock. ThroBak Stratocaster pickups reproduce every detail of the the most sought after vintage Strat Pickups from Fender's Golden Era. A true icon in the world of Rock ’n Roll! The most well-known bridge is the vintage-style "synchronized" tremolo. Fender Custom Shop Fat '50s Stratocaster® Pickups featured in the American Standard Stratocaster Guitar -- CLEAN tone. 2- Seymour Duncan SSL4 Quarter Pound Strat Pickup. $ 59.00. From £86.40. SHOW LESS. Add to Basket. A quantum leap in pickup technology, these are the pinnacle of our pickup designs, offering crisp, clear cleans as well as gigantic overdriven tones that are bursting with pure rock power. Yet some punters wanted more: three electric guitar pickups instead of two; a usable vibrato; and a less slab like body. VIEW/BUY. From £86.40. It is a double-cutaway guitar, with an extended top "horn" shape for balance. Check out our website for videos, sound files and our complete line of Stratocaster pickups! Over the past 30 years, he’s developed quite a few mods that take the Strat to the next level, without getting too technical and crazy. PRODUCTS FROM LEADING BRANDS ALLPARTS ARTEC BIGSBY BOURNS CRL CTS. $249.99 . These pickups deliver vintage-Strat® sound, feel and vibe, with glistening highs and warm lows. Want to know more about the Fender Stratocaster? Free shipping . $229.99. Sort Results Name (A - Z) Name (Z - A) Apache Single Coil. Stratocaster Custom Shop Fits Fender Strat Hand Wound Pickups SME - ST54 . With the all-new Gen 4 Noiseless Stratocaster pickups we've achieved the sonic equivalent of cold fusion—authentic vintage-style Fender tone combined with noise-free performance. Fender was the first musical instrument manufacturer to commercially produce the original Single Coil guitar pickup. VIEW/BUY. Fender Player Stratocaster (2018ish+) This is Fenders MIM replacement for the older Fender Standard Stratocaster (MIM). Because of this, Stratocasters offer a broad range of sounds, from bright to spanky, while Telecasters are known for their twangy tones. Fender Strat Pickup Cover Set (3 pcs) Road Worn Aged White (Standard 52mm spacing between outer pole piece centres) 099-7207-000. Machine winding takes away much of the character of the pickup. Compare. Leo Fender's drawing board was creaking under the weight of innovation in the 1950s. The bottoms of these pickups look a LOT like and American and lost the old “2 magnet” ceramic look They are very good pickups. It is a known fact that single-coil pickups produce the maximum output, but what if you could get twice the power of a single-coil pickup. Free shipping. What makes the American Performer Stratocaster special is the electronics.

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