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Soft-baked, thick, chewy, peanut butter oatmeal cookie bars loaded with 2 cups of chopped candy. Leftover Halloween Cookie Bars are the best way to use up all that Halloween candy! Some recipes even call for whey in the ingredient list. You can use egg whites for a variety of recipes, from meatballs to meringues. Let them really come together in a solid dough. Not anymore. Here, we put together 20 unique egg whites recipes. When you're whipping up a recipe that calls for egg yolks only, don't waste the whites. A sweet and salty popcorn mix is a fun way to use up leftover Halloween candy and other snacks. You could even try adding nuts or raisins to make them healthier. Soup stock: Whey adds a deep flavor as a base in soups and stews, much like a stock. But we’ve had a cooler spell here in Seattle and we haven’t much felt like iced coffee, so it was time to start thinking outside of the caffeine box. 2. Substitute leftover stuffing for rice or whatever grain you’d typically use in stuffed peppers (peek at these lamb and halloumi or this vegan harissa-tahini recipes to get inspiration.) Bake: Preheat oven to 325 degrees.Let the cookie dough sit out for 10 minutes so it warms up just enough to become scoop-able. Sandwich leftover cream cheese frosting, nut butter sweetened with a little powdered sugar, or even ice cream between a couple of shortbread cookies for an easy upgrade. Here are 25 leftover turkey recipes for inspiration. If you have leftover frosting to go with your cake crumbs – you might try mixing a few T. of melted frosting into the crumbs instead of butter instead. Adjust your salt in the recipe accordingly. Before serving, carefully remove sides of pan and place on a serving dish. So this year, get creative and have some fun with those leftovers. It's a snap to prepare, but be sure to follow the instructions for chilling the formed balls before baking. Turn those cake crumbles into delicious cookies before they dry out or get stale. Besides using leftover pumpkin for Pumpkin Cookies, it’s also delicious stirred into oatmeal, whisked along with milk and spices for a Pumpkin Spice Latte, or added to smoothies. If you must freeze it, pumpkin purée lasts 5-7 days in the refrigerator and three months in the freezer. Check out more bread sauce recipes. Be courageous and use multiple different kinds of flavors! Fresh herbs, light dressings and interesting ingredients are sure to add life to leftover chicken. Kids will love to pick out the candy to put in these bars. Replace part of the stock or water in a soup recipe with whey. Leftover cookies as an ice cream mix-in 11 Recipes to Use Up Leftover Girl Scout Cookies — In Case You Have Any Left. I didn’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen with my mom growing up, but I do remember when my Granny would come to visit, she would always let us help her make a big batch of her Homemade Banana Pudding . Put leftover treats to good use in these recipes for candy corn bark, snack mix, candy bar fudge, and candy bar cakes. Save it in the fridge until you make sugar cookies, and then spread it on the cookies. I … DIRECTIONS. Make Leftover Frosting Cookies! With the option to use turkey when a recipe calls for cooked chicken, the possibilities now feel limitless. When we have leftover coffee in the pot, we’ve been saving it in the refrigerator to make iced coffee later in the day. Once whisked properly, use hands to form a smooth dough (knead for a minute or 2). Instructions. Serve with tahini for dipping or tucked in a pita with hummus. Use leftover mashed sweet potatoes to put a unique spin on falafel. Leftover chicken salads. Combine together in a large bowl the 2 cups of flour, 2 tsp baking powder, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, and 1/2 tsp salt and set to the side. This makes a great crumb crust for cheesecake, cream pie, custard or milk tart, silk pies, etc. Preheat the oven to 350F. Put it in the fridge, and sneak a spoonful every now and then when things get a little rough. If your brownies are a little dry, add a splash of milk or a … Cut into shapes with a cookie cutter or oddball shapes with a knife. Pinterest has become one way of inspiration for me. CRUMB PIE CRUST – Mix 2 c. cake crumbs with 2-3 T. melted butter, then press into a glass pie plate. Mash the brownies together using a stand mixer. One-pot Chinese-style chicken noodle soup. Leftover Cake Cookies: Stale cake tragedies? Add room temperature cream cheese and whisk everything (use a whisk or fork). Transfer the powdered cookies in a large bowl. Preheat oven to 350F; Combine flour, baking powder, cinnamon and salt in a large bowl, then set aside. Using up leftover egg whites also prevents food waste, a commendable goal for any home cook. How to store bread. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper. 18. And as always, giving your cookies a thin coating of melted chocolate is only going to improve the situation. Sit down in the corner and eat it. Hey guys!!!! Grease your hands evenly. Recipes to use up leftover chocolate By • March 7, 2016 • In Baking , Recipe Roundup , Special occasions We all know that Easter comes hand in hand with chocolate. Combine butter and brown sugar in another bowl and cream together with a hand mixer or stand mixer, then add in eggs, almond extract, and lemon juice and continue to … 8 recipes for the pumpkin spice lovers — and the haters Kari Sonde Kari Sonde is the editorial aide for the Food section, where she helps with recipes, cooking questions and food styling. Of course you could double the recipe if you have a lot of leftover biscuits or you could make a fresh batch especially for these. 3. For instance, mini lemon cheesecakes would work well with crumbled leftover shortbread cookies or snowballs! Take those leftover brownies and make them into brownie cookies with this very easy trick. 2. Recipes to Make With Leftover Half and Half Below are some of my favorite recipes to make with half and half. You can use any flavor oatmeal you like. Storing it in the right way means you can avoid waste. Here are 10 recipes to put that leftover coffee to good use! As I know most people won’t have enough leftover cookies to make a base for a whole cheesecake, I turned the recipe into a small batch and into bars. Bake with it: The acidity of whey has a softening effect on glutenous bread and pizza dough. The arrival of spring brings flowers, sunshine, and Girl Scout Cookies. Any Buttercream Frosting will do. Scoop cookies into oversized tablespoons - building the cookie dough balls upward not outward. 1. It’s inevitable that sometimes you just won’t get a chance to use up your bread. Prepare oatmeal according to package directions, reserving 1 cup for the cookie recipe. 8 – Brownie Cookies. For those with a sweet tooth, the anticipation of the arrival of your favorite cookies is somewhere on par with Christmas morning for kids. Toss popcorn with M&M's, pretzels, and any other candy pieces in melted white chocolate and nibble away. How to Use Leftover Frosting. Try using the leftover packets in Oatmeal cookies. The length of time bread keeps fresh depends on the type and whether or not it … I used the Halloween cookies with orange filling; the flavor is still the same. and best of all….. 4. Mush together all your left over pie trimmings and scraps and dough. Place the gingerbread cookies in a food processor and blend to form a crumbly powder. Use up any leftover roast chicken bones and meat to make the stock, then liven it up with storecupboard ingredients including soy sauce, honey and pickled ginger. Instructions. Crumbled cookies make a great bottom crust for a regular-sized cheesecake, but they are also perfectly suited to creating adorable mini versions of the decadent dessert. Some use as little as 1/4 cup all the way up to a full pint, so matter how much half and half you have, there should be something that works for you. Today I’m sharing my family’s favorite recipe for using up leftover pie crust: Cinnamon Sugar Pinwheel Cookies. And I came across a post about leftover cake cookies. So the other day, I was browsing pinterest. Shutterstock.

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