sourdough bread recipe no dutch oven

I have been making your “No Knead (No Dutch Oven) Bread” for 7 or 8 months. Place on a parchment paper-lined baking sheet (not wax paper) and cover with a towel. Could I add garlic or olives before I bake it? I would think it take longer to back but anything else or would you advice against it. Requires only 25 mins of hands-on time. “When it comes to baking sourdough at home,” he says, “most people use a Dutch oven to mimic a proper baking oven for two specific reasons. Any suggestion? Can you use self rising flour for this recipe? Thank you! One, they’re super thick so they can retain a lot of heat. The standard Dutch oven bread recipe requires an oven either round or oval of about 5 quarts. Please do not use DISPOSABLE anything! I generally use the small tin pie plates in my toaster over for making my baked potatoes etc…some people should not assume that disposable cook ware means only use once!! Thank you for such entertaining videos! This will allow the dough to expand freely. And such approach, when followed, makes cooking more fun (less fussy) with great results. I don’t weigh the flour, don’t put water in the oven anymore, don’t even “shape” the dough, nor do I cover it at all during baking. Remove the cover of the baker and bake the bread for 10 to 15 minutes longer, until the bread is deep golden brown and crusty, and a digital thermometer inserted into the center of the loaf reads at least 210°F. Hi Jenny, With all my extra free time , I thought I would try to bake some bread again….it’s been years! Best and laziest loaf ever! I am a horrible novice baker and it has turned out beautifully all 3 times! The crust came out perfect, texture perfect. Sprinkle the dough with salt, cover the pot and place it in the oven. I’m sorry. 3 cups of aerated flour works for me! I did the best I could with metric but so many people told me I was wrong, I changed it. This recipe is by volume, NOT weight!!! First time ever making bread. This bread recipe really sounds great! Note: For more details on this recipe, click here. Thank you so much….will try that next!! So easy to make, and such a delicious taste. Thank you for sharing , This recipe has been crazy making for me. YOUR BREAD WILL BE GREAT. Heat your oven to 450 degrees F, and place a covered Dutch oven on the center rack to preheat for about 30 minutes (I used a 6-quart Dutch oven, but even a 4-quart or 8-quart Dutch oven would … The result was the most magnificent loaf I ever made! Any suggestions? Hi Jenny. My very first boule and I am thrilled with it. Let stand on counter top for 35 minutes. . You do not need to pre-heat your dutch oven as most sourdough recipes call for! Super Easy Sourdough Bread - Dutch Oven Style - The Wild Gut I will try my hand on baking this bread. Like this one! time. Just one question before I make this. Could I possibly use 2 large cake pans and make it into a dutch oven? Then, I removed the water bath from the oven, thinking that the moisture was preventing it from baking somehow. The reason why this technique is so popular is because it is amazingly forgiving, and by far the easiest way to make fresh artisan-quality bread at home. If you add water to a pan when you start to preheat it, there would be less chance of burning yourself. Do I put the disposable tin while it is preheating then put the boiling water into the pan. When my grandmother made biscuits she just grabbed a few handfuls of this and that without measuring anything, and I literally mean anything, at all. No probs! I aerated the flour and measured exactly. I would roll out the dough then cut in squares. Check the seams of the dough where you scored it and see the color there. I have tried other Dutch oven bread recipes but this recipe is better … It was easy but you do need ALOT of extra flour when you shape it into a rough ball. My only issue was the bread was underbaked at 30 minutes…I have a new oven so it’s hard to tell when it’s actually preheated! Take care & keep on sending these wonderful cooking & baking ideas, Carol. Flour and water make paste and that is exactly what I have. No knead Dutch oven bread has been a popular Le Creuset recipe for years, but especially lately as more of us are baking bread at home. So how did it turn out? It was still essentially raw. Drama at the bottom of a bread recipe. TIP: If you think your bread is ready because it is golden brown leave it in the oven for another 5 – 10 min. Surely you can come up with something else that does not have one use and then thrown out. To understand the concepts of the stone and steam see our blog entries. I have never baked my own bread and the first loaf turned out SO nice that I’ve made one every day! In a large bowl, mix together the flour and salt by hand. If you packed it or spooned it in, it would weigh out differently. What makes this website stand out is its no-nonsense approach. I hope this helps. The best way to produce steam inside a lidded pot? there are a lot of things branded as disposable that really can be used over and over. You might find the photos in the link below of our use of a stone in the highlands of Tasmania useful too. I made the Dutch oven no knead bread and it was wonderful! Recipe works every. Any suggestions as to what I am doing incorrectly? Pressed for time? Cutting any hot bread right out of the oven looks doughy. The Video shows heating the Dutch oven prior to placing dough in it The written recipe does not mention this step! it was a hit! You will see how you can make an amazing loaf with very little knowledge of bread … This was my very first time making homemade bread without a bread machine! After 30 minutes, remove the lid, reduce the oven temperature to 375 F, and continue baking until the bread is nicely browned and cooked through. Please see the note in the recipe about the overnight method. After another 20 minutes (under tinfoil, because the crust was getting quite hard), I cut a slice off from the inner side of the half, only to reveal that the inside of the half was still raw! I wish I had never tried in the first place. Add sourdough starter and whisk vigorously to mix … Once incorporated, create a small well in the … I appreciate your hard work. Dutch Ovens are fabulously wonderful for baking bread because they are 1) really great at trapping steam and 2) provide an extra toasty warm environment for the bread. Sourdough Dutch oven bread: an overnight recipe. One cannot state correctly exactly how much 3 cups of flour weighs: it depends on how you put the flour in the cup. So far it has worked well, and used a Pizza stone in the oven to place the bread on with parchment paper. 2- CAN I ALSO USE A 7 QT LE CRUSET DUTCH OVEN to make the above recipe? When a substance changes phases—such as water evaporating into steam or steam condensing into water—energy is either absorbed or released. Thank you Jenny! I love the 4 hour ciabatta bread. It needs to rest at least 30 minutes to finish cooking and slice better. I feel very stupid asking this. The instant or dry active yeast are impossible to find anymore. Irresponsible in these times to create added unneccary waste in our lands and oceans. © 2020 Copyright Sourdough Bread Recipe. I am now baking my 3rd loaf as I am typing this!! Once cut, the air gets into the bread and it will usually stale within 24 hours. Right after you put the bread in to bake, place the wet towel with ice cubes inside on the cast iron skillet, taking care not to drip on the oven window, then quickly close the door to prevent steam from escaping. so have at it..we could all use your input. I have shared your recipes with many people. We were amazed at how delicious this came out! If you refer to the picture in this exact recipe, it shows the kind of density and size of holes that I am looking for. I found it at Safeway grocery store and also a large package of packets of the instant yeast at Sam’s Club. 14 hours of total time. I am dying over this bread. It had the texture of an English muffin inside, and toasted like a dream! You don’t need the cupcake tin or the water to do this without a dutch oven. Get a small 100% cotton (the 100% cotton bit is critical—synthetics and blends will melt and make an enormous, smelly mess) and soak it with water, then wrap 4 – 6 ice cubes inside the wet towel. They make me smile. TWO QUESTIONS: 1- Can I use the same recipe and add FRESH ROSEMARY AND OLIVE OIL? For anyone without a Dutch oven or finds them too heavy to lift, this recipe is for you. My 13-year-old son’s been baking knead breads and wasn’t up for baking yesterday. Thsnks Tina. Hey why don’t you come up with something. I have made this bread five times and every single time it has been perfect. This is why steam burns are much worse than hot water burns, and why humid climates feel hotter than arid climates. Thank you for this recipe! My husband says it tastes better than the $8 artisan loaves we buy from the farmers market. After 3 hours dough will become puffy and dotted with bubbles. Thank you, Elliott M. Reduce the oven temperature to 450°F and bake the bread for 45 minutes. So far it has turned out fine with a gentle sourdough taste!!! Thanks. and come back and finish it the next day… maybe after the 3 hours resting..? I keep seeing referral to “see FAQ” but if there is a FAQ tab, it’s hidden. I plan on reusing it as often as I can. Meantime place a disposable 6-cup muffin pan or other small pan in the oven, making sure there is room for the baking pan - if not place the small pan on a lower rack. I don’t think you’ll be able to roll this wet dough but you can try my No Knead Crusty Rolls recipe. Now our family is asking for more this weekend. Jenny came up with a wonderful time saving recipe so now it’s your turn to put your clever ability where your…etc. You don’t need a Dutch oven. BTW: oven heated stoneware with cover works well also. All have raved about how great they are. I’m going to try it that way next time! I tried this recipe a few weeks back as I don’t have a dutch oven and I love it! This bread recipe is amazing! That is precisely why baking by weight is more exacting. The problem is you. I’m lazy and wanted a quick fix for me to make. Help! I followed your recipe exactly as directed. The pot traps in heat and moisture which is essential to achieving artisan style bread at home. Bake for 5-10 more minutes. It all starts with bread baking in a Dutch oven (lidded pot), the perfect vessel for making artisan-style loaves. I was lucky if he waited 10 minutes. I’m running low on my yeast. I have it on it’s last rest right now, and it seemed a little more dense as I did my last folding. Best and laziest loaf ever! (If you're using a pain de mie pan, leave the lid off.) If you’ve read through our easy crusty bread recipe, you know we’re fans of baking no-knead bread in a preheated Dutch Oven in order to achieve a crispy, crackly crust and a soft interior.. “Made” this bread today. A lot of fancy professional ovens inject steam to create the perfect bread baking environment, so in a sense you can think of Dutch Ovens … Different flours weigh different amounts per the same volume. I use my LeCreuset cast iron dutch oven with the black knob and it has not melted yet! I was so impressed with myself…and with this recipe! I baked it at 450 F until golden. I will keep adding flour because there is no way this is going to shape into a ball. Just do not know if I can get it to brown, it is a bit hard in the grill. Used a foil pie pan with water next to cookie sheet the bread was on. The end of the loaf always looked awful. Lisa Lee, if you are worried about the knob on your Dutch oven, here’s a quick inexpensive trick. I agree but it sounds like you are adept at multi-useful items. You can bake it until the crust is a dark brown; your loaf will resemble a russet potato but the inside will still be moist and tender. I use disposal tin cook wear over and over! I just plop the bubbly overnight dough mass on a cookie sheet and bake till it sounds like a hollow drum when tapped. FYI Glass Pyrex .can be used BUT put it in filled with water while your preheating the oven allowing it to come up to temperature slowly. This recipe is my no fail go to for all my breads. After 30 minutes in the oven with the water, I took it out. And it”s fabulous subbing 1/2 cup of rye flour for the same amount of bread flour and 1 tsp caraway seeds. Jenny, you are the best cook! You can put your dough in a cake pan, a loaf pan, on a baking sheet naked (cover until last 10 minutes of baking). Right now, I cannot obtain any bread flour and have been using regular all purpose flour. Steam plays a key role in how the bread will open up or ‘bloom’ while baking and the Dutch oven helps to control this process. How can the easiest recipe in the world not work for me? I took a screen shot on 4/17 and it says 390g of flour but now the recipe says 360g. I’m on desktop, so it should be showing up. Easy Dutch Oven No Knead Bread recipe is made with only 4 ingredients and takes 5 minutes of prep time! Made bread yesterday a last minute thought and it came out and wonderfully. Love your website and have been following you for years. I’ll never buy bread again. (For the overnight method, simply switch to COOL water and let the dough rest overnight on the counter top for 8 to 24 hours). Or do I put the water into the pan after it preheats? Let’s say a prayer. Thanks so much for the recipes, I use a lot of them and read your book!!! Remove your Dutch oven from the oven and gently lift the boule out using the parchment paper as handles. I put the empty pan for the water in the oven after the oven was preheated , then carefully added the boiling water when I put the bread in. The outside looked a bit like a huge baing powder biscuit! I’ve made this several times. can you use be refrigerated cake yeast and if so how do we alter the recipe to accommodate this. One of our favorite topics.. Cake tins can’t double up for a Dutch oven. Despite being free from preservatives, an uncut sourdough bread will stay reasonably fresh for 3-7 days. Thank you! The crust was nice and golden. You make women feel great when they can turn out a home baked, cooked, roasted or other delicious something to make their families happy. Its time to be responsible for our future. This is simply a wonderful loaf of bread! I apologize for the confusion. When water vapor/steam condenses into liquid water, the molecules *release* energy as heat, thus increasing the temperature of the object on which they are condensing. OPTIONAL: Using a sharp knife or bread … Secondly, it allows the dough to be in a humid baking environment as the water from the dough changes to steam and can’t escape due to the lid. Thanks. I feel like the intention here is to stand up for our earth and that is a good intention, however, I’m sure you can find a much better use for that energy than scolding strangers on the internet. I kid you not. 3/4 cup chopped Kalamata olives and 1 tsp dry rosemary –awesome. So far, I have added a cup of flour. Close oven door immediately and bake for 30 minutes. That was a great idea. Ive been doing 390g since making this bread every week since January but when I was sending this link to a friend, i noticed it says 360g now. I have weighed ingredients, used a thermometer, baked with a dutch oven, not baked with a dutch oven, used 3 hour and over night process, cool and hot water. Take the lid with you in case you have get a different sized screw. Hey, Jenny! I used all purpose flour and active dry yeast. There’s no fussing around in the kitchen to worry about. We’ll see how it turns out. Cake tins don’t. Has anyone dared to use in a 450 degree oven without damage to the knob? They should be left to rest at room temperature. Thanks Jenny! Lilian, I’m sorry you can’t find instant yeast. This will produce steam consistently as the bread bakes, which will help ensure your bread cooks all the way and that it has a nice chewy crust. The problem with this bread is being able to stop eating it. Combine flour, yeast and salt in a large bowl. Now I have started making Sourdough Bread with the No Knead recipe, substituting a half cup of my homemade sourdough starter for the yeast. Thank you SO much for this excellent recipe!!! A big runny mess, spread out flat on parchment paper. This is a great suggestion, Kevin. Hi Jenny; Room temperature at my home during the Winter is >55F with the heat on!!! Just made your no knead bread in my CAST IRON DUTCH OVEN, 5 qt . Place 20 to 24 … Yes! I would not sweat a few grams difference. Having said that, a round banneton would be useful also. Well, I usually make the dutch oven recipe. Wow! Looking forward to sharing it more with friends and family! I removed the cookie sheet after the 30 minutes and cooked it for 15 more minutes to get a nice color. Disappointed for sure. I let the bread rise for 30 minutes in the pan it bakes in. Hi Jenny….I just came across your website. i’ve doubled it and it was delicious just the way the recipe is. thanks. I have a big gob of goo and not a nice bread dough. To bake the bread, Greenfield used a pizza stone and a baking tray with ice to create steam. It was simple and it turned out perfect! Thank you in advance. Remove the parchment paper and cool the boule on a wire rack. Especially during this time. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts and recipes by email. Recipe: Easy Crusty French Bread BREAD! Sounds so good. Thanks, Jenny! It’s my go to bread recipe, now. Using an iron skillet would feel safer for me than how dealing with water other ways. There is no video for this recipe. The reason is that the whole point of the Dutch oven is two fold. If you want to make delicious homemade bread that looks & tastes like it came from a fancy bakery but actually takes very little effort, this dutch oven bread recipe … Hello Jen. First, thick cast iron has thermal mass and stores heat to boost the lack of thermal mass characteristic of domestic ovens. Would it be possible to double the non knead bread to make a larger loaf?

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