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Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Dr. Sobel chose a 0.025% Tretinoin cream for my skin as it is sensitive and my You need to focus on restoring your skin's moisture barrier and improving hydration, and I'd recommend reducing your application of tret to 1 to 2 times per week at most, just make sure you buffer with a super hydrating but very simple moisturiser with minimal ingredients to prevent any further reaction and lather on moisturiser or vaseline at night. Because I know it can take up to six months, but just the moment I feel like my skin is getting better I get new breakouts and although I'm usually pretty comfortable in my own skin I'm tired of feeling ugly so often. YMMV but I know for me spiro was one of the best things I did for my hormonal acne. You need to work your way up to that, starting with 1x every 3-4 days then, 1x every 2-3 days, etc. I'm by no means a dermatologist so I can't speak to whether or not tret ruined your skin, or whether or not your skin is reacting to quitting, but perhaps your skin needs a break from the azelaic acid as well. I was prescribed Retin A 0.01% by my doctor and it has literally ruined my skin in 4 weeks. I’ve never had problems with acne ever. I would suggest, if possible, using a moisturizer without SPF at night. Skin got sensitive. Your skin looks dehydrated so If I were you I would stop actives for now and only do a simple routine of cleanser+moisturizer. You should be ok to continue on your recommended intake for Doxycline. With this method my skin was a lot less irritated. Okay thank you! A place for Tretinoin/Retin-A users, new and old, to discuss, ask questions, and enjoy the effects of Tretinoin! I wonder if a product is disagreeing with you. I really don't want A place for Tretinoin/Retin-A users, new and old, to discuss, ask questions, and enjoy the effects of Tretinoin! Show them these progress pictures as well. Also there could be inactive ingredients in the retin-a that irritates your skin. 14 votes, 26 comments. SHOP LAURDIY PRODUCTS: Acne … At an average cost of $214.66 each, tretinoin alone puts roughly $267,316,174 in the pockets of pharmaceutical companies per year. And I accidentally washed my face with facial scrub and my face sting, burning, redness, especially to my mustache area. | Skin Care Mistake - Duration: 6:37. The area is red, gets small pimples, and seems to flare up and down. ninja edit: check my post history if you wanna see my pics :). To anyone who is prescribed this medication, please don't use it. Good luck. I’ve tried doxycycline and elidel and the only thing that seems to help is a steroid. HOW I DAMAGED MY SKIN!!! If you're not happy/ you feel your skin now is not better than when you started, I say quit. click to join the #prettylittlelaurs fam!! By that night my skin felt like flames. I think the majority of this is collagen and elastin loss. I'd stick to vitamin c for anti aging for a bit. I started tretinoin three weeks ago and my skin is already way better. Tretinoin is the most studied retinoid. I like the Benton Steam Cream as it dries fairly matte. It is now almost July 2019 and I have been experiencing this persistent spot of irritation on my forehead for 7 months now. I started Retin-A back in April with the hope of reducing 3 very small indented scars on my forehead. 6 months with 0,025% and didn't do shit, just made it worse with redness and frequent break outs. My face breaks out with most cleansers so I was too sacred to use any unless I wore makeup that day which I normally don’t wear any. Press question mark to learn the rest of the I don’t want to continue steroid as it can thin the skin. Please remember it does get better and to hang in there! Cookies help us deliver our Services. I’ve been on Tret for 4 months now and I have 2 zits!! It is gentle, it nourishes, it makes my face resilient, and I love it. How long have you been using the steroid for I really hope that it's not since November. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Yikes I don't think you can just keep using it. My ugliest retinol uglies were from prescription 0.05 percent tretinoin by Actavis. Less than week ago I got myself 0,05% and it's completely different game. When I was thirteen years old, the skin on my chest was overtaken by a mysterious outbreak of inflamed red dots. But I applied 1/4 pea of tretinoin cream on my dry bare skin after my breakout subsided, and to my surprise there wasn’t any irritation! Looks like you seem to have turned a corner in the recent month... Maybe this is the start of the turn around... Just the PIE to deal with? So frustrating. Thank you in advance. My skin has always been perfect and crystal clear. What kind of tret are you using? No problem. On alternate nights I use Cerave PM and the results are not pretty let me tell you. Next morning, my skin felt OK, that night, applied it again. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Has anyone else experienced this/have any advice? It's more like my face has this downward droop and the fat is falling. And this morning still sting and redness still there. Thank you! I'll bring that up to my derm to see if i should up to 0.05. I recommend bringing these pics to your derm and possibly asking if spironolactone may be a good choice for you if they think your acne is hormonal. So please someone give me advice, should I stick it out and stay on Tretinoin and Doxycline ? So this is how Nadinola (hydroquinone) and Carotone Dark Spot Corrector ruined my skin. My face is permanently red; it's night and day compared to my neck. However, the irritation persisted, particularly above my right eyebrow. I’m sorry this is happening to you! Unfortunately, I will continue to use it because there's nothing I can do What might've happened was you over-exfoliated your skin then continued to use it which exacerbated the issue. I suffer from BDD, mainly about my face, which means that I do look for problems and I often see things that are not 'really' there. I went by the ddirections and. My doctor just put me on Jolessa, and she said it should help my skin. Having this long of a purge is kinda worrying tbh. Applied light layer. I am in love, whit Retin-a! And that's just one retinoid. I mean like look at the difference of day of to now :(. I have been using Retin -a in 45 days, and I see a big change in my skin. Flawless skin has never been my problem; strangers don't stop to ask me where I get my facials. Hello! In March despite the persisting forehead I decided to give tret another go by using the SkinBetter Alpha Ret 1x per week. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Those containing SPF aren't as hydrating, can cause irritation, and can clog your pores. You are gurl version of me, same story with tret but I got antibiotics before tret. Learn more about the benefits and side effects of tretinoin and how to safely use this cream on your skin. They aren't generally harmful, but I personally haven't had the best luck on days I didn't take off all of my sunscreen. Strangely, it’s less sticky than some of my not-snail products. Buffering during the early stages also helps. Press J to jump to the feed. I'm using tretinoin cream for 2 days now. Accutane may be the next option after this mess lol. It's commonly prescribed for acne, fine lines, and sun damaged skin. If there ever was a time to use this cooling, soothing, healing stuff, it’s while my skin gets retinized. I have a really clear forehead and cheeks, but I constantly break out around my mouth. So fortunate to have found this sub. Usually, retinoids are used topically for treating skin issues such as acne, melasma, psoriasis, etc. I was worried I had completely destroyed my skin on tret as well but around the 5 month mark is when I started seeing my scarring from tret disappearing. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Tretinoin or Retin-A belongs to the retinoid family (derived from vitamin A). I moved up to a 1/2 pea-sized I use 0,5%, every night. I think your first course of action would be to re-evaluate your regimen. Please help me. Is there something in there that I'm sensitive Huge I’m just very disappointed, I’m just not sure if I’m having a super long terrible purge or is my face just really hates tretinion?? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I'll take this into consideration. Ask any questions, stay moisturized, and may your Purge be swift! I have read several Or should I try something else? I would HIGHLY suggest to buffer with moisturizer then wait 30min then apply tret. A place for Tretinoin/Retin-A users, new and old, to discuss, ask questions, and … Press J to jump to the feed. Only use a very gentle cleanser twice daily to reduce irritation - NO cleansers with A/B/PHAs or other active ingredients (eg benzoyl peroxide) - and make sure you're removing all sunscreen at the end of the day. 66.1k members in the tretinoin community. It's rare but it can happen. I By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. So I started 0.025% of tretinoin the last week of November and well as you can see by the pictures it is now almost 20 weeks later and the only difference is that my acne is 100x worse. Things looked right at week 13 for me, and now you have passed enough time to evaluate whether to continue or not. This is MY experience with Retin-A 1.0 i threw away the product but instead of a cream it was a jell i forgot to mention that in the video. Tretinoin is the only thing that has worked on my acne. (moisturizer: Aveeno ultra-calming daily moisturizer with spf 15) (sunscreen: Biore UV Aqua rich 50+ SPF). A note on the medication shown above: Tretinoin is a form of Vitamin A that can treat acne but also targets aging and prevents hyperpigmentation. To give you some back ground I’m a 17 year old girl who has been getting acne since the dawn of time honestly, so having acne is nothing new to me, but when I was 15 I started Epiduo which that worked great and I had pretty clear skin until last summer where my face started breaking out more and my forehead had a ton of CC’s and honestly mainly my parents keep asking me to try a different prescription. If it only gets better with use of a steroid, maybe you're allergic? Same dermatitis occurred and I stopped again. ! Let your skin heal. My last visit she told me to stick it out for a bit longer but I need to see her again sometime soon. So for me at least, tretinoin tolerance doesn’t go away in a week. At the same time, I've never used concealer, foundation, or tinted moisturizer—I've never felt like I Oh jeez. My skin has cleared already more than ever and you can almost see PIE disappearing. It was terrible … but then glorious. I got really bad retinoid dermatitis all over my face and was advised by my … Retin-A (tretinoin) is a form of vitamin A that helps the skin renew itself by encouraging cell turnover. I've had a similar reaction to tret in the past - for me, it was super drying and it compromised my moisture barrier, leading to red, inflamed, flakey skin and in turn more acne. I'm currently using tretinoin cream every other night and bar the odd flake my skin is tolerating it well. You shouldn't use it daily right off the bat. Your last picture looks like it may be the light at the end of the tunnel for you. Stop using it, go to your dermatologist and ask for their advice. Once your skin is less red & inflamed you can start increasing your weekly application of tret. I started Doyxcline week 11 to help out the process, which I’ve also have seen no difference in that too but okay. So first day of tret was November 24th, My face was mainly just kind of dry and would break out here and there until week 7, that's when like all hell started to break lose, and during this whole processes I started to break out a lot on my forehead which I usually don’t break out there. My skin is starting to sag, but I don't really jowls. Ask any questions, stay moisturized, and may your Purge be swift! Might be too much. In this video I'll be sharing my 9 month results using Tretinoin, chatting through a month by month timeline, and covering lots of tips for clear skin! It made my skin itch and left me with red flaky patches at first, but it was gone after a week. However, I recently decided to start Tret because once a year I do get a zit. Before starting Retin-A, I had beautiful skin, invisible pores, no PIH, etc. What does your dermatologist say? #TretinoinPurge #RetinaPurge The Tretinoin purge is real and something that has to be dealt with while using the … Fading my hyper pigmentation and dark marks from acne. I haven’t buffered the tretinoin while using it, and I mainly just use moisturizer and sunscreen. During the first weeks, I peeled, and was a bit red. Maybe you should go on accutane? I got my blood tested in October to see if I had a hormonal imbalance and it said I don't but last time I saw my derm she mentioned Spironolactone so I'll remember that. lol well at least you know what it's like too. Sorry if I'm not helping, but it seemed to me as if you purged with scars. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Tretinoin, a topical retinoid, works by speeding up the skin cell turnover process, allowing your body to replace older skin cells on the surface of the skin with newer, fresh skin … Tretinoin skin peeling occurs for a variety of reasons. I was on .025 gel for about 2 months before my doc upped me to .1% cream and also put me on minocycline and spironolactone, about a month in to the pill scripts was when I pretty much stopped getting new breakouts. I got really bad retinoid dermatitis all over my face and was advised by my derm to stop. Hello all! I wonder if you are unlucky enough to have a reaction to something in the tretinoin itself. Hello! Would retin-a be able to reverse this? Thank you for the insight! I started using tretinoin 0.025% in November 2018 for anti-aging purposes, tapering myself onto the cream as you are supposed to. Because of these two particular tretinoin 'issues', the steps of my night time skin care regimen for tretinoin users are as follows: Wash Apply any other skin care products Wait at least 15 or 30 minutes Apply tretinoin right before The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. I have tried everything, and nothing seems to help. And yet it's completely ruined my skin. And whereas I can see that, slowly but surely, it's been doing the trick on the skin tone, I feel as though my face is now looking somewhat older, and that tretinoin is actually ruining my skin. Tretinoin is used to treat acne and reduce the appearance of fine lines and darks spots. r/tretinoin: A place for Tretinoin/Retin-A users, new and old, to discuss, ask questions, and enjoy the effects of Tretinoin! Since about December, maybe once per week or less (only when it flares). For two weeks, my I started tretinoin 0.1% 2 weeks ago. Also, how often do you apply tret? First, tretinoin is an exfoliator. Retinol ruined my skin Reddit flonase nasal spray 2020.09.17 コラム I already have a solid routine so idk why I decided to add it in. The amount of collagen produced by your skin declines and the skin cell turnover process becomes slower, meaning that your body replaces old skin with new skin at a less frequent pace. I put it on my hole face, including under the eyes. Did you start a new moisturizer or sunscreen or continue using the same ones you always have? I’ll stick to vit c. Just hoping the reaction goes down eventually. I started using tretinoin 0.025% in November 2018 for anti-aging purposes, tapering myself onto the cream as you are supposed to. Yeah, you can fully tell from the pictures but most of my acne is flat so I'm hoping that is a good sign and it won't come back and it will just be the scarring for a while.

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