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One example is This guide will walk you through the myths (and the truths) about black mold, talking about the health problems it may or may not cause. Millions of these spores travel through the air everyday and can enter almost any environment in seconds. Mold Myths: Use Vinegar or Bleach to Remove Mold? 5 Important Facts About Mold! March 30, 2017; Brad Hollibaugh; Blog; DIY Mold Removal Do not use bleach. Proudly serving Miami & surrounding areas! Myth 3: Black mold is the most dangerous mold / Stachybotrys is the worst mold. In order to be more familiar with facts about black mold, you first have to identify those not so good old myths about it. Call us at: (786) 717-5665. A very common myth is that as long as the “black toxic mold” is not present, I don’t have to worry. You can’t get rid of all the mold on your property by simply removing the affected area, scrubbing it with a cleaner, or painting over it. Typically, when people tend to hear the word mold, they mutter because there have been many false assumptions related to mold. Molds have the potential to cause many health problems. The colour of a mold generally has to do with the spores it produces, and has no bearing on whether it is dangerous or not. Get help immediately Get help immediately. Myth #1: Black mold is the only type of mold that can cause danger to your life. Point out how to identify this potentially dangerous substance. Most importantly, it will talk about how you can remove black mold from your home because, while it’s not as bad as it may seem, you’ll still want to … Some types of mold can produce mycotoxins, given the right conditions. This article is about black mold removal and explains what it is, why it grows, and the sicknesses caused by exposure to it. Other types shouldn’t be worried about. There’s not a consensus on which mold produces the poisonous substances, and the ones that do, can produce them but not always. Scrubbing clean the area will cause the surface mold to be removed, but it can make the mold situation worse. Stachybotrys chartarum is a greenish-black mold. The physical mold spots that you see in your home are just a symptom of mold. If you try using bleach to kill mold, it will usually return with a vengeance. Many of us have seen that little line of greenish black coating near a bathroom tub or window. Mould Myth #2: Only black moulds are bad. Full Service Water, Fire and Mold Cleanup and Restoration Specialists. And provide tips on evicting black mold from our living spaces. Update my location. About household myths in new way, or Whether microwave and black mold can kill Black mold exposure is no more harmful than exposure to other forms of mold, but it may lead to health issues for certain people. Unfortunately, when you dig into the scientific literature, a lot of different types of mold (genuses or genera) can cause health problems for people. On the other hand, there are some common myths about black mold. This isn't my city. Mold can be found throughout your home; in the walls, the floor, in the bathroom, kitchen, you name it. FACT –There are many molds that are black in color but there are thousands of mold types that grow to be white, green, brown and other colors. Here are a few myths & facts about mold and health and how to determine if you have a mold problem. When we talk about killing mold, it is about getting to the core of the problem and get rid of the mold forever. If this were true, why would mold remediators exist? The typical reaction to finding mold in your home is to grab the nearest industrial-strength cleaner, preferably with bleach, douse it, and frantically scrub. Despite the myths perpetuated by the media in recent years, it is impossible to tell what types of mold are dangerous simply by looking at the color. This popular myth needs to die. - Guardian Preservation Services has the answers to all your mold questions in this mold myths video series. It sounds frightening, but the scientific community long ago debunked the myth … Myth: Mold cleanup is a job for the pros. Need immediate help? Unfortunately, with respect to mold removal, the bleach myth is perpetuated on the Internet on countless websites. 09:00, 04.12.2020. A disease named “toxic mold syndrome” or “toxic black mold” was invented to explain many of these cases. Mildew and moisture affects the ceiling of a bank in East Jacksonville. There are 8 myths about black mold that many people believe. There are many myths associated with "black mold" If you have ever been in a damp, musty basement, chances are you were exposed to elevated levels of mold. Myth: Only black mold is toxic. Transform your home and health today! Growth occurs when there is moisture from water damage, water leaks, condensation, water infiltration, or flooding. BLEACH MYTH CHLORINE BLEACH & MOLD CLEAN UP The Myth | Let’s Set the Record Straight! Black mold… Their star is Stachybotrys chartarum, a black mold reported to produce infinitesimal quantities of a toxin. On the other hand, removing mold is totally the opposite. MOLD MYTHS. Moisture from water damage, excessive humidity and condensation can cause it to grow. Photo: It’s smart to wear goggles, gloves and a mask during cleanup. Cholesterol — my friend? Left unchecked, black mold is a real health risk. Fact: A lot of people aren’t even aware that mold can be white, or orange, or blue, for instance. ... “Black mold” is often used to refer to a variety of mold called Stachybotrys chartarum, which is thought to be particularly dangerous because of the harmful mycotoxins it can produce. The effectiveness of UV light to kill mold is well understood by the fact that almost every other hospital around the world has UV lights installed to fight the battle against bacteria. To be on the safe side, educate yourself on the matter to avoid hassle and unfortunate incidents. Myth #2: "If you can’t see mold, you probably don’t have it." Fact: Mold is a fungus, not a plant. It Doesn’t Matter if You’re Black or White. Surprise! 8/20/2017 . Fact: Being toxic as they are, black molds are often thought of as the only type of mold that needs to be eliminated in a structure. They’re not the main source of the problem on your property. Mold remediation involves the removal and/or clean up and restoration of mold contaminated building materials. Ready to Improve the Health of your Home? Simply look at the black stain on a ceiling and it instinctively draws a feeling of unrest. However, three issues arise from this classification. The Myth of Bleach and Mold The idea that bleach kills mold is a premise that has been promulgated by the bleach and do it yourself community. Let's bring to light some of the most common myths about mold. This questionable mold removal can be done by spraying bleach onto the area of concern and then scrubbing the surface area. Myth 1: Mold is a plant. What you don’t want are increased level of mold or specific types of mold in your home; such as Stachybotrys Chartarum or black mold. The purpose of this article is to briefly explain why mold grows and explain in detail why bleach is not a viable solution. Myth #3: Only Bleach Kills Mold . 2. Why fix it if mold is not a big deal? While it’s true that mold is an essential part of nature, it is not true that mold exists everywhere indoors. It’s not the color that dictates toxicity. Surprisingly, bleach only kills surface mold, not the membrane underneath, which means it will grow back. MYTH – All mold is ‘black mold’. Answer a quick set of questions then get a personalized list of action items. Menu. Myth #1: Getting Rid of the Mold Spot Gets Rid of All the Mold. The simple answer is you should not use bleach to try to kill mold. Hayward Score helps you discover how your home may be impacting your health in minutes – – for FREE! 5 Important Facts About Mold! Their star is Stachybotrys chartarum, a black mold reported to produce infinitesimal quantities of a toxin. Now how does all of this information relate to the relationship between cold and mold? True, Stachbotrys chartarum, (STACK-E-BO-TRIS), Stachy for short, is usually black when using cellulose, such as drywall, as a food source but other toxigenic molds can be any color of the rainbow and range from white, brown, green, red to yellow. Learn more here. A myth exists concerning the use and “effectiveness” of chlorine bleach (sodium hypochlorite) in the remediation of a mold problem. In reality, bleach only kills surface mold, not the membrane that lives underneath the black, fuzzy growth. The idea that bleach can kill mold is a myth! Mold spores are so minuscule that more than 250,000 can fit on the head of a pin. Myth #2: Black Mold is Deadly. Mold Myth. It sounds frightening, but the scientific community long ago debunked the myth … Nope. Truth #2: While being able to see the mold is a huge signal that you have a mold problem, you won’t always see it. Black Mold Myths. In this article, we separate the wheat from the chaff. 7/30/2020 All visible mold growth should be remediated, regardless of color. The so called “killer black mold” that made headlines for its dangerous health effects was Stachybotrys. Ultimately, despite multiple studies, there was no confirmation that any living or non-living component of a building could possibly be the cause of these subjective and vague symptoms. Not in the Miami area? This mold membrane is where the heart of the problem truly lies. Missoula Mold 103: The Black Mold Myth. Ah, if life were so simple! If you think you have black mold growing in your home or business, call JARDY Restoration, 904-891-4749 Until next time, keep your skeptical radar turned on, and always be ready to tell fact from fiction. It can grow on material with a high cellulose content, such as fiberboard, gypsum board, and paper. Type in your ZIP or Postal Code below to be directed to your local Paul Davis office × Assign Claim. This is one of the most common myths about molds. If it is safe for a place full of people with infectious diseases then it is safe for your house and office too. 5 Myths About Toxic Mold Myth #1: Mold is everywhere. Gallery; Sport; Stories; 2018 World Cup; Ru; About household myths in new way, or Whether microwave and black mold can kill. Molds grow just like every other living organism, and they survive on oxygen and food too, but they belong to neither the plant nor the animal kingdom. Fact: Nearly all molds are toxic at high doses; some are known pathogens, and many produce poisonous compounds, says the International Center for Toxicology and Medicine. If you got all thirteen right, I dub thee King Arthur, which is one medieval myth we didn't include (though he did get a question dedicated to him in another quiz episode #138 on people who were either real or fictional — go check that one out next). Myth #1: Only messy or filthy houses have mold problems. 2/19/2019 . For us, it just involves removing the mold stains and not getting to the root. Constant moisture is required for its growth. Test for Moisture, not Mold; Black Toxic Mold: The Truths (and Myths) 4.5 / 5. About household myths in new way, or Whether microwave and black mold can kill. Black mold is known as Stachybotrys chartarum and it grows on materials such as fiberboard, gypsum board and paper. Molds belong to the kingdom fungi and reproduce through their spores.

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