the fountain sculpture

Thus, from the start there was an interplay of Mutt: a fat little funny man, and Jeff: a tall thin man … And I added Richard. Duchamp präsentierte das Urinal um 90 Grad gekippt liegend, also seiner eigentlichen Funktion beraubt, wodurch der Schriftzug als Signatur deutlich wird. If you wish any more information please phone, Marcel Duchamp, 4225 Columbus, or, Richard Mutte, 9255 Schuyler’ (Camfield 1989, p.30). Auf der Rückseite befindet sich eine Kupferplatte mit der Inschrift „Marcel Duchamp 1964 X/8, FOUNTAIN / 1917 / EDITION GALERIE SCHWARZ, MILAN“, wobei X hier als Platzhalter für eine Zahl von 1 bis 8 steht. … there is among us to-day a spirit of blague [joke] arising out of the artist’s bitter vision of an over-institutionalized world of stagnant statistics and antique axioms.’ Louise Norton, ‘“Buddha of the Bathroom”’, Blind Man, no.2, May 1917, p.6.) Responding to press interest in the affair, the board issued a statement defending its position: ‘The Fountain may be a very useful object in its place, but its place is not in an art exhibition and it is, by no definition, a work of art.’ (Naumann 2012, p.72.). (A diary entry of Beatrice Wood for 13 April 1917 recorded that she went with Duchamp to ‘see Stieglitz about “Fountain”’, while a letter written by Stieglitz dated 19 April 1917 noted that he had been asked to take the photograph ‘at the request of Roché, Covert, Miss Wood, Duchamp & Co’. As Gammel acknowledged, however, there is no contemporary documentary evidence or testimony that points to the involvement of von Freytag-Loringhoven in Fountain. It is very beautiful until, of course, you are dying of thirst. Bei dem beschädigten Exponat handelt es sich um eine der zwölf Repliken, die der Mailander Galerist Arturo Schwarz 1964 mit Duchamps Einverständnis nach Stieglitz’ Fotografie hatte anfertigen lassen. The signature is … Als Ready-made kann diese Skulptur nicht wahrgenommen werden. ‘R. This is one of a small number of copies that Duchamp allowed to be made in 1964. Get it ? Surviving records for the sanitary ware firm are incomplete but show models similar, if not entirely identical, to Fountain (see Camfield 1989, p.24, note 23). In 1945, however, Man Ray referred in print to the story of Fountain without any qualification in an article he published in View magazine about his long friendship with Duchamp. Von wenigen Kunsthistorikern wird die Urheberschaft von Duchamp bezweifelt und argumentiert, das Werk stamme von der Künstlerin Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven. Nachdem sich die Society darauf geeinigt hatte, dass dieser maschinengefertigte Alltagsgegenstand keinesfalls Kunst sei, wurde Fountain von der Ausstellung ausgeschlossen. James Hall explores the godfather of conceptual art, Anti-art is a term used to describe art that challenges the existing accepted definitions of art, The term readymade was first used by French artist Marcel Duchamp to describe the works of art he made from …, To coincide with the first exhibition to explore the inter-relationship between Duchamp, Man Ray and Picabia, to be staged at …, Materials and Objects: Explore Materials and Objects, The unholy trinity: Duchamp, Man Ray, Picabia, The Bride Stripped Bare by her Bachelors, Even (The Large Glass), 1915–23, reconstruction by Richard Hamilton 1965–6, lower panel remade 1985, 3 stoppages étalon (3 Standard Stoppages), The Bride Stripped Bare by her Bachelors Even (The Green Box). Das ursprünglich „Große Kugelkaryatide“ benannte Werk ist ein Globus aus 52 Bronze-Segmenten auf einem Stahlgerüst. He continued: ‘I was drawing people’s attention to the fact that art is a mirage. Tate’s work is a 1964 replica and is made from glazed earthenware painted to resemble the original porcelain. [Bild 1] Die zweite von Duchamp autorisierte Replik wurde 1950 für eine Ausstellung in der Sidney Janis Gallery in New York angefertigt oder gekauft. Within a day or so of the exhibition opening, Duchamp located the work, which had been stored in the exhibition space behind a partition, and took it to be photographed by the leading photographer and gallery owner Alfred Stieglitz (1877–1946). Mutt’ was a pun on the German word Armut meaning poverty, Duchamp was quoted as explaining: In fact, Mutt was the tall thin man in the cartoon duo but Duchamp’s point about having wanted essentially ‘any old name’ remains. The Fountains and its companion pieces were set into the paneled walls of a salon in the château, creating an alternate space that played off of the elegant, Neoclassical decor of the room. Er wurde damals zu einer Geldstrafe verurteilt. Artistic Water Fountain Sculptures by Malgorzata Chodakowska: unbelievable works in bronze These are the most artistic water fountain sculptures we have ever seen. Arensberg and Duchamp resigned in protest against the board taking it upon itself to veto and effectively censor an artist’s work. Fountains have been an important element in the design of gardens and public spaces since A slightly cropped version of the photograph was published in the Blind Man to illustrate an anonymous editorial that defended the urinal in clear – and, in their implications, revolutionary – terms: ‘Mr Mutt’s fountain is not immoral, that is absurd, no more than a bathtub is immoral. Gammel explored the possibility that the Baroness was the creator of Fountain, claiming close affinities between the use of new sanitary ware in Fountain and of an old piece of plumbing (a plumbing trap), mounted on a carpenter’s mitre box in a sculpture titled God that has been attributed to the Baroness. [4], Nur eine Woche später stellte Alfred Stieglitz, der den Eklat interessiert verfolgt hatte, Fountain in seiner Galerie 291 aus, wo er das Objekt als Ausstellungsstück vor dem Gemälde The Warriors von Marsden Hartley fotografierte.[5]. Extensively studied and the subject of various interpretations, Fountain has continued to exert an extraordinary power over narratives of twentieth-century art in large part because of its piercing – if also humorous – questioning of the structures of belief and value associated with the concept of art. Rustic Twist Fountain With sphere, 53 inches H x 22 inches W, FREE SHIPPING. True architecture geeks can spend hours commenting on unusual buildings, amazing bridges and jaw-dropping sculptures, on the styles they represent and the historic periods they came from. These layers were identified by conservation scientist, Tom Learner, using PyGCMS and FTIR as part of the restoration treatment completed by Flavia Perugini in January 2000. Sophie HowarthApril 2000Revised Jennifer MundyAugust 2015. [13], Der französische Konzeptkünstler Saâdane Afif, der 2009 den Marcel-Duchamp-Preis erhielt, begann noch im selben Jahr seine Arbeit Fountain Archive. Duchamp signed each of these replicas on the back of the left flange ‘Marcel Duchamp 1964’. He was thought to have abandoned making art, focusing instead on playing chess competitively even while remaining part of artistic circles. Die Signatur stammt allerdings nicht von Duchamp. Duchamp, however, was happy to remove the aura of uniqueness surrounding the original readymades, while the production of replicas ensured that more people would see the works and increased the likelihood that the ideas they represented would survive. The original, which is lost, consisted of a standard urinal, usually presented on its back for exhibition purposes rather than upright, and was signed and dated ‘R. Sie misst 30,4 × 38,2 × 45,9 cm, weicht aber in der Form vom Original ab. Auf 1953 ist eine weitere Nachbildung datiert, die Duchamp für einen Freund anfertigen ließ; eine weitere Replik mit den Maßen 33 × 42 × 52 cm wurde 1963 von Ulf Linde für das Moderna Museet in Stockholm in Auftrag gegeben, auf der Nachbildung steht in Großbuchstaben der Schriftzug „R. In 1912 he had submitted his important painting Nude Descending a Staircase, No.2 to the Salon, and, even though the work was listed in the catalogue, the organisers, increasingly unhappy at the subject and title of the painting and how this reflected upon them, asked Duchamp’s brothers, who were also artists, to ask him to withdraw it a few days before the show opened. Die Replik war 1986 vom Musée National d’Art Moderne, einem Teil des Centre Pompidou, angekauft worden. As for the possible role of a woman in the work’s submission, it is known from a careful decipherment of the address label that hangs from the urinal in Stieglitz’s photograph that a woman was indeed implicated, though not as the creator of the piece. Das „R.“ wurde in der zweiten Ausgabe der Dada-Zeitschrift The Blind Man als „Richard Mutt“ identifiziert, wobei im Französischen richard einen stinkreichen Menschen bezeichnet und in Silben zerteilt, als „rich“ und „art“ gelesen werden kann, also „reiche Kunst“. The sculpture was created by Mati Karmin and completed in 1998. Its figures represent Philadelphia’s three main waterways: the Delaware and Schuylkill Rivers, and Wissahickon Creek. The Fountain of Tears, Arad is housed in what could be perceived to be a large tent; in Birkenau the Fountain is in a building with the interior designed to facilitate the sculptures and their communication. I reply simply that the Fountain was not made by a plumber but by the force of an imagination; and of imagination it has been said, “All men are shocked by it and some overthrown by it.”’ She added, ‘there are those who anxiously ask, “Is he serious or is he joking?” Perhaps he is both! April 2000 / October 2004. Trotz der beachtlichen Teilnehmerzahl der Big Show – es wurden rund 2.500 Werke von 1.200 Künstlern, darunter Constantin Brâncuși oder Pablo Picasso gezeigt – blieb die Ausstellung nun vor allem wegen des einzigen nicht gezeigten Kunstobjekts im Gespräch: Marcel Duchamps Fountain. Fountain (engl. Fountain is one of Duchamp’s most famous works and is widely seen as an icon of twentieth-century art. Die New Yorker Dadaisten begannen bald darauf ihrerseits eine Kontroverse über den Fall Richard Mutt und sein vermeintliches Kunstobjekt zu führen, zumal Fountain in der zweiten (und letzten) Ausgabe der Dada-Zeitschrift The Blind Man mit der Fotografie von Stieglitz in dessen Galerie als Kunstobjekt präsentiert und in einem begleitenden Text von Arensberg und der Mitherausgeberin Beatrice Wood als solches legitimiert wurde. April 2020 um 17:07 Uhr bearbeitet. MUTT / 1917“. Mott Iron Works Company. The sculpture appears to be a hollow fired clay construction with a bluish white glaze typical of mass produced urinals. It has an oriental look about it – a cross between a Buddha and a Veiled Woman’ (Naumann 2012, p.74). © Succession Marcel Duchamp/ADAGP, Paris and DACS, London 2020. Anders als Duchamps Fountain ist diese Skulptur kein Stück aus einer industriellen Massenproduktion, sondern wurde als Einzelstück in den edlen Materialien Bronze und Gold hergestellt – allerdings in der für die ursprüngliche Nutzung vorgesehenen Position. It was designed by Nicola Salvi and completed by Giuseppe Pannini in 1762. The intimate nature of the function of the urinal, and its highly gendered character, also resonated strongly with the complex psycho-physical themes of the masterpiece he was working on at the time, The Bride Stripped Bare by her Bachelors, Even 1915–23 (also known as The Large Glass; see Tate T02011), although relatively few at the time knew of the unfinished work and, therefore, were able to make this association. There is also a copperplate on the base of each work etched with Duchamp’s signature, the dates of the original and the replica, the title, the edition number and the publisher’s name, ‘Galleria Schwarz, Milan’. But you don’t die in the field of art. References In 1964 the Galleria Schwarz reproduced Fountain, along with other dada-period works by Duchamp, in an edition of eight, fabricating the objects on the basis on the Stieglitz photograph and working closely with Duchamp. Damals) mit dem Kunstwerk und seiner Entstehung beschäftigt. Für den Beitrag von sechs Dollar durften maximal zwei Werke in der Jahresausstellung der Society gezeigt werden. Camfield’s reference to a female friend here was based on a letter Duchamp wrote to his sister Suzanne, who lived in Paris, on 11 April 1917. $685.00. Duchamp, as head of the hanging committee, had already signaled the democratic ethos of the new Society by proposing that works should be hung by the artists’ last names (in alphabetical order) rather than according to the subjective views and preferences of one or more individuals. The replicas were probably manufactured in Europe by a sanitary ware manufacturer using a conventional slip-cast technique. According to legend, those who toss coins into its waters will return to Rome. (‘To those who say Mr. Mutt’s exhibit may be Art, but is the art of Mr. Mutt since a plumber made it? Duchamp präsentierte das Urinal um 90 … The sculpture park is Gustav Vigeland's life work, comprising over 200 sculptures in granite, bronze and wrought iron. Bis heute kontinuierlich fortgeführt, besteht sie gegenwärtig aus rund 400 Bildern[14] des Urinals von Marcel Duchamp. In 1963 the Pasadena Art Museum organised the first retrospective of Duchamp’s work. [2], “The curious thing about the Readymade is that I’ve never been able to arrive at a definition or explanation that fully satisfies me.”. Designed by Catalan artist Jaume Plensa, it opened in July 2004. Diese Werke stellen somit eine mise en abyme dar. The work’s aesthetic, however, is far removed from the mass-produced aspect of Fountain, and there is nothing in von Freytag-Loringhoven’s other works to suggest a lineage for the thinking expressed in Fountain. Das Objekt, ein mit „R. The starting point for the park is Vigeland's Fountain, which was originally meant to be placed at Eidsvoll Plass in front of the Storting. Having found where the piece was hidden, Duchamp had presumably been able to walk out of the Grand Central Palace with Fountain because none of the guards thought it an artwork. Architecture is one fascinating genre of art. Vorsitzender der SIA war der Maler William Glackens, ein weiteres Mitglied des Direktoriums war der mit Duchamp befreundete Kunstsammler Walter Conrad Arensberg, der zugleich als Geschäftsführer der Künstlervereinigung fungierte. Mit dem provokanten Akt widerlegte der Künstler die im Vorfeld proklamierte „freie unzensierte“ Teilnahme: Das Urinal löste eine hitzige Diskussion bei den Society-Mitgliedern aus, von denen, mit Ausnahme des in den Plan eingeweihten Walter Arensberg, niemand etwas über den obskuren Mr. Mutt wusste. The opposite of poverty. Do you think it makes a difference that it is not Duchamp’s original urinal? Mutt, 1917’ inscription was reproduced in gloss black paint. Remembering how in 1917 Duchamp recovered Fountain from the Grand Central Palace where it had been temporarily stored behind a partition, he wrote: ‘Grand Central: The very independent Richard Mutt robbed the vestals of their vespasienne in broad daylight and called it another day.’ (Man Ray, ‘Bilingual Biography’, View, vol.5, no.1, March 1945, p.32.) Aqua Virgo was initially built to supply water to the Roman Baths in Ancient Rome and so the fountain was positioned at the very end of this aqueduct. Mutt“, verschiedene Interpretationen. Portofino Water Wall Fountain, 54 inches H x 40 inches W x 23 inches D, FREE SHIPPING. Flavia Perugini / Derek Pullen The original 1917 version of this work has been lost. The telephone number given for the misspelt Richard Mutt was again that of Louise Norton. Tivoli Lion Wall Fountain SM, 43 inches H x 32 inches W x 18 inches D . He took an ordinary article of life, placed it so that its useful significance disappeared under the new title and point of view – created a new thought for that object.’ (Anon., ‘The Richard Mutt Case’, Blind Man, New York, no.2, May 1917, p.5; note that the second issue formulated the journal’s title as separate words.) Others that is was plagiarism, a plain piece of plumbing. A lacquered copper plate with engraved edition details is adhered to the centre of the underside. Does this text contain inaccurate information or language that you feel we should improve or change? Is it okay to laugh in galleries and how have artists used humour in their work? Discover many sculpture table fountains that creatively add art and beauty to your tabletops, shelves & so much more in your favorite styles & genres. [15] Für diesen Prozess, der aus einer Publikation immer nur eine Fountain-Arbeit entstehen lässt, gibt es jedoch eine Ausnahme: Sollte die Publikation eine Abbildung eines oder mehrerer Werke des Fountain-Archive-Projektes enthalten, werden zwei Exemplare in das Archive aufgenommen und zwei Editionen des Werkes angefertigt. Fountain in Spain Uses Water to Mimic Form of Traditional Sailboat photo via nors27 "Fuente del Barco de Agua" ("Water Boat Fountain") is a sculptural fountain in Valencia, Spain that uses streams of water to mimic the Later in life, when asked whether ‘R. The fountain is composed of a black granite reflecting pool placed between a pair of glass brick towers. He authorised replicas of Fountain in 1950 and 1963. It is an example of what he called a ‘ready-made’ sculpture. The Tyler Davidson Fountain is the centerpiece of Fountain Square An Indian mound stood at the present site of Fountain Square when the first white settlers arrived. Pinoncelli, der sich selbst als Aktionskünstler versteht, hatte bereits 1993 bei einer Ausstellung in Nîmes ein Duchamp’sches Pissoir seinem ursprünglichen Verwendungszweck zurückgeführt, indem er in das Becken urinierte. [1] [2], Das Original war ein seinerzeit handelsübliches weißes Urinal aus Porzellan oder Sanitärkeramik, Standardmodell „Bedfordshire“ der Firma J. L. Mott Iron Works aus New York City, das auf dem von vorn betrachteten rechten oberen Rand neben dem Wandauslass mit dem in Großbuchstaben in schwarzer Lackfarbe geschriebenen Namen „R. Über die Zeit kamen verschiedene freudianisch-psychologische und sexuelle Interpretationsansätze hinzu: So wurde die Form des Urinals als „phallisch“ oder „vaginal“ gedeutet, woraus die Überlegung entstand, es könne sich um ein feminines oder bisexuelles Objekt handeln, wobei ein weiterer Bezug des Namens Mutt zum deutschen „Mutter“ angestrengt wurde.[3]. Mutt“ anders betont in etwa wie das deutschsprachige „Armut“ anhöre. In the early 1920s Duchamp travelled frequently between America and France. [8] Nach einer persönlichen Lesung des Romans Damals im April 2019 im Frankfurter Schauspielhaus schrieb die Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung: „Die meisten werden das Werk nach wie vor Duchamp zuschreiben, aber Hustvedt setzt alles daran, dies zu ändern und der exzentrischen Künstlerin, von der Duchamp sagte, sie sei nicht futuristisch, sondern die Zukunft selbst, als Schöpferin von „Fountain“ Gerechtigkeit widerfahren zu lassen.“[9] In der Wissenschaft fand diese These wenig Anklang. Addressing the growing number of requests from gallerists and museums for works to show, Duchamp authorised a number of replicas of his original readymades, many of which had been lost. The creation and submission of Fountain can thus be seen as in part as an experiment by Duchamp to replay this event, testing the commitment of the new American Society to freedom of expression and its tolerance of new conceptions of art. Fountain was not publicly commented upon again until 1934 when the leader of the surrealist movement and poet André Breton wrote a pioneering article that reviewed Duchamp’s career to date and placed the Fountain firmly in the context of Duchamp’s readymades (André Breton, ‘La Phare de la mariée’, Minotaure, vol.2, no.6, 1935, pp.45–9). In den Museen werden heute zumeist die Mailänder Nachbildungen aus dem Jahr 1964 gezeigt. I have handed in my resignation and it will be a bit of gossip of some value in New York.’ (Camfield 1989, p.28.) This unsigned work, now in the Philadelphia Museum of Art, was originally thought to be by the painter Morton Schamberg on the basis of his photograph of it, but was reattributed by the scholar Francis M. Naumann to von Freytag-Loringhoven ‘with’ Schamberg, on the grounds that the assemblage of extraneous elements and unusual title probably fitted her artistic practice better than his, although he may have helped her with aspects of it (for a discussion of the documentary evidence supporting this reattribution see Francis M. Naumann, New York Dada 1915–23, New York 1994, p.128 note 9, p.234 and p.171.) The polish-born sculptor, Malgorzata Chodakowska, combines water with raw material and creates spectacular fountains.Primarily, the sculptures are carved from wood and after that the wooden figures are casted in bronze… MG MG Human. See Naumann 2012, p.72.) Donated to the foundation by the artist himself, the fountain is kept behind a glass casing to protect visitors from the highly toxic substance that gives the monument its most unique character. Rising from the center of Bethesda Terrace is Bethesda Fountain and its crowning glory: the Angel of the Waters sculpture. Crown Fountain is an interactive work of public art and video sculpture featured in Chicago's Millennium Park, which is located in the Loop community area.Designed by Spanish artist Jaume Plensa and executed by Krueck and Sexton Architects, it opened in July 2004. Custom pool and fountain design models, monumental sculpture and earthworks models. Die Stücke messen jeweils 36 × 48 × 61 cm. Unfortunately, the records of the Society of Independent Artists are of no help here, as most were lost in a fire. Is it not possible? In 1910, Henry E. Huntington began acquiring a large collection of outdoor sculptures, personally deciding on the exact location for each piece of garden statuary. In this he included a miniature Fountain arranged next to an equally miniature Large Glass, the lower half of which is known as the ‘bachelors’ domain’. These were made from ordinary manufactured objects. The fountain is composed of a black granite reflecting pool placed between a pair of glass brick towers. 'The Kissing Students' sculpture and fountain is one of the most recognised symbols of Tartu. Garden Sculptures & Fountains. The same save game I've been using from an earlier version also had the Fountain Sculpture masterpiece unlocked. [3], Obwohl sämtlich Repliken nach dem im Foto dokumentierten Original von 1917 gefertigt oder gekauft sind, weichen die Exponate in Form, Signatur und Abmessungen voneinander ab. Camfield commented on this reference to a woman: As Camfield noted, there are several potential explanations for Duchamp’s comment to his sister. There are many benches in the park to relax on.The sculpture is comprised of a wandering musician with guitar, a donkey sitting on his haunches and playing a drum, a dog sitting on the donkey's head, a cat on the dog's head and at the top of the pile a rooster.This area is perhaps best reached by tram # 4 or 7. Das Kürzel „R. „Mutt“ hingegen wird als Anspielung auf die Herstellerfirma Mott Iron Works, aber auch als das englische Wort für „Dussel“, „Idiot“ oder „Köter“ gesehen. That’s not a bad name for a pissotiere. A mirage, exactly like an oasis appears in the desert. Die Repliken befinden sich in den Sammlungen des Indiana University Art Museums, des San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, im Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris und in der Tate Modern in London, sowie im Philadelphia Museum of Art, das die größte zusammenhängende Werksammlung von Duchamp besitzt. Some of the statues were moved as many as three times until Huntington was satisfied. 2 schlagartig in den Vereinigten Staaten bekannt geworden war. Januar 2006 eine Replik von Fountain mit Hammerschlägen. As the work of art was lost thereafter (and had been seen by very few people), Stieglitz’s photograph, which according to a letter had been taken by 19 April 1917, became a key document in recording the work’s existence. Fountain is Duchamp’s most famous work. [6] Der Vorfall, der mutmaßlich auch durch Duchamps Freundeskreis als Skandal lanciert wurde, ging als „Richard Mutt Case“ in die Kunstgeschichte ein: Kurz nach der Ausstellung in der Galerie 291 ging Fountain verloren. Pinoncelli erklärte seinen erneuten Anschlag auf das Werk als „wortwörtliche Antwort“ auf Duchamps Absicht, das Kunstverständnis zu zerstören. [16], Während einer Dada-Retrospektive des Centre Pompidou in Paris beschädigte der damals 77-jährige Pierre Pinoncelli am 4. With the support of some backers, he and his close friends Henri-Pierre Roché (1879–1959) and Beatrice Wood (1892–1998) produced the first dada periodical in New York, titled pointedly the Blindman, on the first day of the show in part to celebrate (and in part to observe and comment upon) ‘the birth of the Independence of Art in America’ (Henri-Pierre Roché, ‘The Blind Man’, Blindman, no.1, 10 April 1917, p.3). Warhurst said Friday the sculpture will be beautiful in the summer when water flows through the fountain. Fountain of Time is constructed from hollow concrete reinforced with steel, which has held up with varying degrees of success. Four further examples were also made at this time, one each for Duchamp and Arturo Schwarz, and two for museum exhibition. When he discussed his work with Breton in 1935, it seems improbable that he would have risked claiming Fountain to be part of his oeuvre at a time when so many who had been in New York in 1917 (and who also knew von Freytag-Loringhoven) would have been able to contradict him, had his authorship been in doubt in any way. The society’s board of directors, who were bound by the Society’s constitution to accept all members’ submissions, took exception to Fountain, believing that a piece of sanitary ware – and one associated with bodily waste – could not be considered a work of art and furthermore was indecent (presumably, although this was not said, if displayed to women). Duchamp und Arensberg zogen ihre Konsequenz und traten unter Protest aus der Society aus, ohne jedoch ihre Täterschaft zu offenbaren. Seine „Nicht-Ausstellung“ bei der großen Schau der Society of Independent Artists im New Yorker Grand Central Palace im April 1917 führte zu einer Kontroverse über den Kunstbegriff. Brunnen, Quelle) ist ein Ready-made aus dem Jahr 1917, das im Allgemeinen Marcel Duchamp zugeschrieben wird. Das Original war ein seinerzeit handelsübliches weißes Urinal aus Porzellan oder Sanitärkeramik, Standardmodell Bedfordshire der Firma J. L. Mott Iron Works aus New York City, das auf dem von vorn betrachteten rechten oberen Rand neben dem Wandauslass mit dem in Großbuchstaben in schwarzer Lackfarbe geschriebenen Namen R. MUTT und der Datierung 1917 versehen ist.

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